turn around

turn around
phrasal verb turn around or turn round
Word forms "turn around":
present tense I/you/we/they turn around he/she/it turns around present participle turning around past tense turned around past participle turned around
1) British
[intransitive/transitive] to stop being unsuccessful and to start being successful, or to make something do this

The £400 million loan will help turn the Russian economy around.

2) British
[transitive] to complete a piece of work, process, or activity within a particular time

We can produce quality work and turn it around very quickly.

3) British
[transitive] to consider or express something in a different way

If you turn this argument around, you'll see that it's equally valid.

4) turn around and do something to react to something, especially in a way that is surprising or not helpful

It was your idea, so don't turn around and say you're too busy.


English dictionary. 2014.

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